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ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene: A type of rigid, heat-resistant plastic, most often used for drain lines.

Accent kit (Moen Only) - The rings that typically go around the bottom of the faucet spout and handles; often in a contrasting color to the rest of the faucet (i.e. chrome with brass accents). Also includes the pop-up drain rod for lavatory assemblies.

Aerator - A device at the end of a faucet spout that mixes air into the flowing water.

Air Gap - A device mounted at the back of a kitchen sink that connects the drain line between a dishwasher and disposer. Allows the dishwasher to discharge freely onto the disposer while preventing contaminated water from siphoning back into the dishwasher.

Angle Stop - A shutoff valve between water pipes and faucet, toilet, or bidet. Connects to water supply at a 90° angle.

Apron - The decorative front of a bathtub. Often sold separately from the tub. Also called the 'skirt'.

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Backflow Preventer - A device that prevents water from traveling from one system back into any part of the main distribution system. Usually required for handshowers, pullout faucet spouts, and kitchen sprayers.

Backsplash - A raised portion of a wall-mount sink or lavatory located at the rear of the fixture to protect the wall.

Basket Strainer - A basket-like sink strainer with holes that allow water to drain while catching solids. Also can be closed to plug the drain.

Batch Feed - A type of garbage disposer in which waste is fed into the unit one load at a time and activated by placing a stopper into the drain opening.

Bidet - A plumbing fixture used for personal hygiene. Usually floor-mounted next to a toilet, it features a basin, faucet, and sprayer.

Bushing - A pipe fitting threaded on the inside and out used to join two pipes of different sizes.

Bypass Door - Shower door that consists of two or more panels that run in parallel tracks.

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CTS - Copper Tube Size: Refers to the outside diameter of the pipe.

Carrier - Structural device used to support a wall mounted fixture such as a sink, tub, or lavatory.

Centers - Designation for the distance between the centers of the handles on a faucet or tub filler.

Center-to-Center - Designation for the distance between the centers of the handles on a faucet or tub filler, or the centers of the outer holes on a fixture.

Centerset faucet - A type of bathroom faucet with spout and handles attached by a base; centers of handles are four inches apart.

Check Stop - A shut-off valve used with tub and shower faucets that is activated by turning a slotted stem with a screwdriver. Also called a 'screwdriver stop' or a 'service stop'.

Check Valve - A type of backflow preventer that is installed in a pipe so that water flows in only one direction.

Ceramic Disk Valve - A superior type of valve that features two disks that rotate within a sealed cartridge. Each disk has a hole that must be aligned with the other to allow water to pass through.

Cock - A faucet or valve that regulates the flow of water.

Console - A table-like fixture with an integral lavatory basin. Usually wall mounted in the back, and supported with brackets or legs in the front.

Continuous Feed - A type of garbage disposer in which waste is fed into the unit while it is running. Operated by a wall switch.

Coupling - A straight, sleeve-like fitting with female (internal thread) connections at both ends.

Core kit (Moen Only) - The main faucet body trim. Typically sold without the handles, accent kit, or rough in valve.

Cycling valve - A pressure balanced rough-in valve that only controls the temperature. When you turn the valve on it cycles through the cold water, into warm and then hot water. You cannot control the volume of water with this valve.

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Diverter Valve - Allows the user to toggle between two water outlets, i.e. a fixed showerhead and handshower.

Double Threshold - A shower base designed for corner applications, in which one threshold is used as an entrance and the other has a glass wall.

Drop-In Tub - A tub designed to be built into a raised platform, or dais. Does not include an apron.

DWV - Drainage, Waste, and Vent: The pipes in a plumbing system that remove waste water.

Drop Ell - A wall-mounted outlet with a threaded end to which you would attach or screw the hose for a hand shower. Also referred to as a Wall Union.

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Elbow - Angled fitting with female connections on both ends. Also known as an 'ell'.

Elongated Front Toilet - A toilet with a longer bowl, usually about two inches longer than a standard round-front toilet.

Escutcheon - A decorative flange or shield beneath a faucet handle or spout, designed to cover the faucet stem and the hole in the counter or wall.

Exact Temp (Moen Only) - A thermostatic valve that is also pressure balanced. You can dial the temperature degree that you want the water at and it will stay there. It compensates for any drop in the hot or cold-water pressure so as to not scald or freeze the user.

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FIP - Female Iron Pipe: Pipe fittings with standard internal threads.

Fireclay - A type of vitreous china that includes higher quantities of quartz and feldspar. Better suited for large, smooth surfaces than standard china.

Fitting - A broad term usually used to refer to faucets, shower valves, and tub fillers, as well as various plumbing parts such as tees and elbows.

Fixture - A general term for sinks, tubs, toilets, and bidets. Does not include faucets and other fittings.

Flow Rate - The rate at which water flows from a faucet or showerhead.

Front Connection Spout - Spout designed to accomodate a valve or pipe that extends outward from the wall. The connection between spout and pipe occurs inside the body of the spout. See Rear Connection Spout.

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Gelcoat - A colored polyester resin used on the surface of some fiberglass bathtubs and shower surrounds.

GPM - Gallons Per Minute: The rate of water flow by which faucets and showerheads are measured and regulated.

GPF - Gallons Per Flush: Water usage measure by which toilets are regulated. Current law requires a maximum GPF of no more than 1.6; older models used 3.5 GPF.

Garbage Disposal Flange - Also known as a sink disposer flange. This item is needed for installation of garbage disposals that do not come with flanges. Though most disposals come with flanges, they are typically shiny chrome. These flanges are manufactured in several finishes. If you wish to have the disposal flange match the sinks finish or the faucet finish please inquire with salesperson about your color choices.

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Handshower - A showerhead that is attached to a flexible hose for added range of motion and reach.

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ID - Inside Diameter: Standard measure for all pipes.

IPS - Iron Pipe Size: Standard pipe size. Female IPS are threaded internally; Male IPS are threaded externally.

Inlet shanks (Chicago Faucets Only) - The threaded nipple that goes through the counter and mounts the faucet to the deck. Sold individually, 2 needed.

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Lavatory - Sink used in the bathroom or washroom.

Ledgeback - Style of sink which includes a deck at the rear for mounting the faucet and other accessories.

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Male IPS (MIP) - Male Iron Pipe: Pipe fittings with standard external threads on pipe and fittings.

Metering Faucet - Faucet which delivers a predetermined volume of water and then automatically shuts off.

Minispread Faucet - A style of lavatory faucet with separated spout and handles, but scaled small enough to fit faucet holes on four inch centers.

Mini Widespread faucet - faucet that is designed to be installed in a counter or sink with three holes centered at 4 inches apart. The measurement from the center of one outer hole to the center of the other outer hole is 4 inches. Designed to look like an 8" widespread faucet only it's for 4".

Mixing Valve - Mixes hot and cold water to achieve a specified delivery temperature.

Monobloc Faucet - A single-handle, single hole faucet.

Moentrol (Moen Only) - A pressure-balanced rough in valve that allows the user to control the volume of water by a push/pull motion, and the temperature by turning left and right.

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Nipple - A short length of pipe installed between couplings or other fittings.

NPT - National Pipe Tapered thread standard. Standard pipe size.

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OD - Outside Diameter: The diameter of a pipe measured from the outside edge.

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PSI - Pounds per Square Inch: A unit of measure used to determine pressure within a contained area.

Pedestal Lavatory - A lavatory in which the basin is supported predominantly by a pedestal leg.

Pop Up Drain - Drain assembly for lavatory sinks, where the opening and closing of the drain is controlled by a pop-up rod typically located on the back of the lavatory faucet spout. Also called a drain assembly.

Pressure Balance Valve - A shower mixing valve that automatically maintains balance between incoming hot and cold water supplies to maintain a constant temperature despite a drop in water pressure from either side so as to not scald or freeze the user. Also known as an anti-scald valve or scald-guard.

Pull-Out Spray - A single-control kitchen faucet that has a retractable hose and sprayhead to be used for food preparation and cleaning.

PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition: A long-lasting, durable coating of titanium or zirconium usually used on Brass Faucets. Helps prevent scratches.

Port - An inlet or outlet on a rough-in valve for supply lines.

Posi Temp (Moen Only) - A cycling valve that only allows the user to control the temperature. When the valve is turned on it cycles through cold water, getting warmer and then into the hot. You cannot control the volume of water with this valve.

Pressure Balance valve - A rough-in valve for showers that compensates for drop in pressure on either the hot or cold side. It keeps the water within a specific degree so as to not scald or freeze the user. Also referred to as "Anti-Scald" valve.

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Rear Connection Spout - A spout designed to accomodate a valve or pipe that is flush with the wall. Connection between pipe and spout occurs at the back of the spout. See Front Connection Spout.

Recessed Tub - A tub that has a decorative finish on one side only, and is surrounded by three walls. Also called an apron-front tub.

Right Height Toilet - For American Standard Toilets. Designates toilets with a higher than standard seat. ADA compliant.

Riser - A vertical metal or plastic tube or assembly that connects a faucet to the water supply stop valve. Usually copper.

Rough-In - The rough ends of drain and supply lines that mark the proposed location of fixtures.

Rough-In Valve - The functional drain, vent, and supply lines that comprise the functioning part of a faucet or fixture. Usually concealed inside a wall or under a counter with the trim (spouts, handles, etc.) on the outside.

Round-Front Toilet - A toilet with a shorter bowl, excellent for smaller rooms. Bowl is usually two inches shorter than an elongated-front toilet.

Roman Tub w/Personal Hand Shower - A deck-mounted tub faucet with a matching deck-mounted handheld shower.

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Self-Rimming Sink (Drop-in Sink) - A style of bathroom or kitchen sink with a rolled or otherwise finished edge. Installs on top of countertop without the need for a metal sink rim.

Semi Encastre Sink - A self-rimming lavatory in which the back of the lavatory is installed into the countertop while the front (or apron) of the sink projects from the countertop. Designed to maximize space efficiency.

Shroud - A color-matched component under a wall-mount lavatory that covers the drain outlet for aesthetic purposes.

Skirt - The decorative front of a bathtub. Often sold separately from the tub. Also called the 'apron'.

Stop - The shut-off valve under a sink or toilet that allows the water to be cut off to the fixture without affecting the water supply to the rest of the building.

Service/Screwdriver Stops - Slots that allow the water to be turned off and serviced at the valve by a screwdriver, rather than turning off the water source.

Sink Strainer Assembly - Also known as a sink basket or basket strainer, this item is needed for those kitchen sinks that do not come with them. It serves as a method of closing off the sink drain hole so that water is kept inside for washing dishes or cleaning; the basket is removable so that food particles or things that you do not wish to rinse down the drain may be discarded after using the sink.

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T & P Valve - Temperature and Pressure-Release Valve: A device used to expel excess pressure or heat from inside a tank.

Tee - T-shaped fitting with three openings that allow another pipe to be joined at a 90 degree angle. Used to create branch lines.

Tempered Glass - Glass that has been annealed or strengthened by a process of gradually heating and cooling. Once glass has been tempered, it cannot be cut, and - if broken - breaks into small rounded pieces.

Trap - Curved section of drain line that prevents sewer odors from escaping. All fixtures with drains must have a trap installed (toilets use 'S' traps; all other fixtures use 'P' traps).

Trim - A term used to designate the outside decorative covering of a faucet rough-in valve. Usually includes items such as a showerhead, handles, tub spout, etc.

Thermostatic valve - A rough in valve that allows the user to dial the specific temperature degree that they want the water at, i.e. 100 degrees. Usually requires a separate volume control valve.

Transfer valve - Allows the user to toggle between multiple outlets in a shower, such as hand held shower or body sprays. Some models have the capacity to use a shared function, such as a showerhead and body sprays at the same time.

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Undermount Sink (Undercounter Sink) - A type of sink that is installed under a cutout in a countertop.

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Vacuum Breaker - An anti-siphon device used to prevent the backflow of waste water into the water supply.

Valve - A device that regulates the flow of water. Also the rough-in part of a faucet that is concealed in a wall or undercounter.

Vanity - A cabinet or stand that supports a basin. Often includes a storage cabinet.

Vitreous China - Ceramic materials fired at a high temperature to form a nonporous body. Surfaces are coated with a ceramic glaze that is fused to the body.

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Wall Union - Also referred to as a Drop Ell. A wall-mounted outlet with a threaded end to which you would attach or screw the hose for a hand shower.

Washdown Toilet - Toilet with a siphon trapway at the front of the bowl, and an integral flushing rim.

Waste and Overflow assembly - The drain kit for a tub. Often available in different styles such as "trip lever", "toe touch" and "cable".

Whirlpool Tub - A bath tub with water jets that recirculate and mix air into the water to create a spa experience.

Widespread Faucet - A style of faucet with separate spout and handles usually designed to fit holes on eight inch centers. Can sometimes be set as far as 12" apart.

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